A series of unfortunate decisions…

Story time people.

Sometimes Sarah here has a string of unfortunate decisions that are caused by a lack of awareness. Saturday was one of those days. It’s really funny looking back on it…actually at the time I just had to laugh too. There was nothing else for it. I am ridiculous.

It all started with the gym. I’ve been doing a month-cycle weight training program for the past 4 weeks called 5/3/1 and neglected a few days of my very last week. To make up for it I decided to do a double day on Saturday. Never. Again. I completely trashed myself in an hour and a half marathon of Deadlift day and Bench Press day mashup. I am sore people. Very sore. Anywho, I got my protein shake and stopped by My Fit Foods to pick up my three day supply (I’m also participating in their 21 day challenge…ugh).

Now I’ve got to tell you here that I’m a Houstonian and a summer baby. I like the heat and fear the cold. You may argue that Houston never experiences “real cold” but I’m here to tell you that humidity + sub-50 temperatures is no walk in the park. Especially for all of us that are acclimated to moderate to warm temperatures. On this day it was 50 degrees on the nose and I was super prepared.

2013-11-23 16.03.53

On. The. Nose.

I had on my thermal shirt and a sweater over it, capri workout pants under sweatpants, long socks and warm Uggs, and my brand new Hermoine Hearts Ron hat  that I just finished yesterday.

2013-11-23 12.33.16

Super gym appropriate

Layers and layers! After working up a good sweat I ditched the sweater and worked out in my thermal shirt which continued to accumulate sweat. I was still rather hot when leaving the gym so I never put that sweater back on. Instead I tossed it into the passenger seat and continued on my merry way. 

Upon arriving home I unloaded my food, grabbed my purse and decided to leave the gym bag in the car for now (I’m not what you’d call a neat person). I looked at my sweater and thought about putting it on but figured I was going straight inside so I left that behind as well. I locked my car and turned the lock on the knob on my way out of the garage. Just as I pulled it shut I realized my mistake…my keys were still in the car. But Sarah, you ask, how did you lock your car without your keys? Well, friends, when I went to work out I took my fob off the ring and stuck it in my nifty built in key pocket in my capris. I never put it back on the ring and left the other keys in my gym bag. In the car. In the locked garage. Eff.

Lbean had the great idea to try the handle on the outside of the garage door. It would disengage the motor for the opener and I’d be able to get in. So I hop the fence, looking every bit like a thug (beanie and sweatpants…great impression) only to realize that there is no knob on the outside. We just got a new door…it is knobless. Perfect. Back over the fence I go. Oh hey neighbor I haven’t met yet. Yes I do live here and stupidly locked my keys inside the now locked garage. No, thank you, I don’t need a ride anywhere I’ll just get a hold of my mom (I live with her, it saves on rent. Don’t look at me like that!) who is out shopping. 

I decide that it is far too cold to sit in the back yard and wait for her to get home so I ask her to meet me at Starbucks a mile or so away. I leave the food on the patio because hey, it’s cold out remember? The food’ll be fiiiine. So off I trudge.

2013-11-23 16.05.26

No sidewalks? Bring it on.

So many small, silly, rather unfortunate decisions I made along the way added up to me walking a mile and a half in still-damp sweaty clothes in my version of super cold weather wishing I had put that sweater back on when I thought of it. Wishing I’d put my fob back on my ring like a normal person would have done. Wishing I’d brought my gym bag inside instead of being lazy. Wishing I had just a little more self and situational-awareness.

I was basically laughing at myself the whole walk to Starbucks because really this would all happen precisely like this especially on the day I wore myself out at the gym. Good thing I had nowhere to be. It was a good walk so all in all not a loss.

Now it is time for Squat day. I will try my best not to repeat yesterday’s events, and approach the day with a little more awareness.


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