Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Happy Monday! /grumble

Alright I’m not really that excited for Monday but I am excited that I actually found something unexpected to fulfill this week’s photo challenge. I was not planning on participating but when I saw it it was just too good to pass up.

2013-11-23 20.16.18

(Pictured: super unexpected ice sculpture)

What is that you ask? Why it’s an ice sculpture of The Grinch and his dog (complete with reindeer headband) going down a very tiny chimney. Give it a minute…you’ll see it. Why is this so unexpected? Because it’s Texas. Because it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Because it was only about 50 degrees out and predictably started melting two hours after it was displayed.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the corresponding weirdness happening on the little turf area behind me (as I took this picture). Apparently there were huge chunks of ice around (I’m not sure maybe it was actually sculpted there on location?) left over and kids were playing soccer with them. It’s not like there was a lack of sports equipment to play with. They just would rather kick around hunks of ice. I guess we don’t see ice too often ’round these parts? Whatever. Anyways, hooray for random ice sculptures fulfilling my unexpected quota for the week!


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