Sarah-soreus Rex

I’ve had a few nicknames in my life, but none have ever truly stuck besides a handful still in use today. My family, though, they take the cake.

One of my favorite (not-so) little brother stories is about my first-ever nickname. My family used to do the “Banana Song” when we were little and eventually took to calling me Sarah Bo-Bara…all. the. time. When lil’ bro was about 4 or 5 (something like that) my parents were asking him about family names to see if he knew us.

Mom: “What’s daddy’s last name?”

Bro: “Miller!”

Mom: “What’s mommy’s last name?”

Bro: “Miller!”

Mom: “What’s Sarah’s last name?”

Bro: “Bo-Bara!!!”

D’awwww what a goob…he figured it out eventually though (I think).

In college my roommates took to calling me T-rex, mainly because I couldn’t reach anything in the house without a ladder.


So holiday appropriate 😀

I tried explaining that this had everything to do with my height (5′-2″) and nothing to do with the proportion of arm length to body size. I’m perfectly proportionate thank-you-very-much. Arm size….that’s another story altogether. I have Hulk arms, yet another unflattering high-school nickname yaaay!

Anyways, I told my family about the unfortunate T-Rex nickname and they managed to come up with a new one altogether.

If you don’t know already, I’m a certified workout-a-holic. I also have a severe case of workout-ADHD. I LOVE finding new and different ways to torture my body past the point of exhaustion. Weird, I know. I go through periods of extreme and utter laziness, followed by almost obsessive stints of working out (it has yet to truly become a habit…can you say yo-yo?).

In the working out phases of my life I am basically sore 100% of the time. I think it’s awesome, but I’m definitely a complainer. I want everyone in my immediate vicinity to know when I don’t feel good. As a result, a constant refrain in my household became “OMG I’m soooooo sooooooore!” (that’s a whine if you didn’t quite catch it).

I also have an unhealthy obsession with Jurassic Park. I’ve read the books, I’ve watched the first movie about a million times (the other two definitely got some wear as well, but not near as much), and I think this for wedding invites is genius. I wasn’t in love with dinos as a kid. I’m not even really a dinosaur person, just a Jurassic Park fan, and I will definitely be in the theater when numero 4 comes out (squeeeeee!!!).  I think I just like the running. Kind of like zombie/infected movies (Super. Obsessed. Remind me to show you my favorite shirt). I also have lots of running nightmares…coincidence?

Anywho, the combination of these things culminated in a still-standing nickname in my family: Sarah-sore-us. Fantastic. So now when the inevitable “soooo soooore” flies out I’m met with an “Oh no! Sarahsoreus has arrived.”

The point of all of this is basically to tell y’all that Sarahsoreus is among us. I did a double-day at the gym yesterday and oh. em. gee. I hurt. It probably wasn’t the best workout, strategically speaking, (shoulder press + deadlift…I prefer antagonistic muscles on combo days but whatevs) but I got through it and boy do I feel my shoulders and back. Mission. Accomplished…?

Finally, this:

ask-me-about-my-t-rex-shirt-viewsI know this is old but…it still cracks me up!

You’re. Welcome.



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