Little Ironies

Oh man guys, I’ve made it through my first week of NaBloPoMo – December. Excellent. I’ll celebrate this day with a story:

I was driving to the airport yesterday on the way to visit Lbean in sunny (it’s actually raining right now…irony number 1) San Diego, when I started thinking about my walita and how awesome she was.

My walita was my grandma of Mexican decent. The intention was to call her abuelita (little grandmother) but my older cousin couldn’t manage that one with his little toddler speech. He ended up getting out walita and it stuck.

Naturally, I started writing a future post to her for you in my head, because you know…blogging is the new project/obsession for me right now. She was a remarkable woman and y’all should definitely get a chance to meet her, if only in spirit via my remembrance of her.

So I’m composing, reminiscing, and getting myself good and misty eyed in the car (it can happen if I’m not careful), when I arrive at the park and ride. I jerk my focus back to business at hand; parking and mentally gathering my things for the bus.

About two seconds later the song on the radio registers in my head. “Every step I take. Every move I make. Every single day, every time I pray…”

Really radio? I’ll Be Missing You? Touché good sir, touché. Now get. out. of my head. Thaaanks!

I guess technically that’s more of a coincidence…so sue me. It was still ridiculous.



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