Wah wah…

I recently decided to join the dark-side and finally purchase my very first iPhone. Shocking, I know.

There were a plethora of reasons for not purchasing one before, but as the new iPhone 5s launched I found that there was one very solid reason in Apple’s favor. Everything out at the time was worthless. I’m not a huge Samsung fan so the S4 was definitely out, and Droid‘s latest and greatest had been out already for 6 months!

I did my little Best Buy search and found an iPhone 5s very close to where I work mere days after it was released. It had to be fate.

Now, let me tell you friends, I am hard on my stuff. Very hard. On everything. I have had…many many phones. They drop, they fall in the toilet, they drop, they get washed in the laundry, they drop, or they get thrown in a pool (along with the rest of me). Notice all the drops? Big, huge, flashing beacon of an indication that I should never have a delicate flower baby iPhone.

2 months later:

DSC00037 (800x532)Seriously!?!?

What had happened was….I took it out of the case to put it in my armband – working out, it’s important. It never actually made it back into the case. I proceeded to go see Catching Fire, get a little tipsy, and drop it on the bathroom floor.

It was fine really! Just a little dent in the aluminum at the top corner. What’s this though? It looks like it’s popping out a little. Maybe if I push on it it will go back… CRUNCH. Alright, I deserved that really, but seriously why won’t you just go back in…CRACKLE. Shit. I have a problem. Just put the phone down and back away.

So there it was, spider cracked in the top corner, for about a week. NBD right? Not too bad. Went to get it replaced with the necessary accidental insurance that you bet I absolutely got, and they told me to come back after Black Friday. Kay, understandable. I don’t feel it necessary to put the case back on cuz…well look at it. It’s getting replaced soon NBD.

I’m in the bathroom at work Monday (always the bathrooms! the stuff of all of my phones’ worst nightmares) negotiating my way into a stall when oops! Shatter. 

I do not deserve you poor iPhone.


My new one finally came in Friday, but I didn’t get a chance to go pick it up til yesterday. Now all is well and right in my world again. Saraaaah…what have we learrrrned?


OtterBox FTW

This one only has two layers of protection. I may regret this later. Oh and look at that tizight app action going on there! Definitely taking the picture with my new camera using an app on my phone…so I can instantly upload the picture obviously. Do you like my mouse? So piiiink. That got out of hand, sorry.

Anywho, all is once again right in the world. Hooray delicate flower baby iPhone!

PS-magical random ski trip this weekend. It will be fantasmagorical! Pictures will probably be taken to make you all as jealous as possible…obviously.



3 responses to “Wah wah…

    • ROFL yes I can actually. When I went to get the new one I actually dropped it on the counter within 5 minutes of receiving it. The lady was like “I will finish all the paperwork AFTER you go pick out your case…you are making me nervous.” Ridiculous.

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