NaBloPoMo – Dropped Ball, If Found Please Return

You guys…I need to apologize because I definitely dropped the ball on you today. There was this great TBT post running around in my head, complete with old school Sarah pictures; it was gonna be big.

The plan was to go home last night and search for all these pictures to scan in and then write it all out today. Not so much. Because of my surprise ski trip I had to go buy snow pants and warm socks, of which I have none…we don’t get snow here, don’t judge me. I do happen to have snow boots (go figure) so that was one less thing on the shopping list, but yea. Lots of last minute, cold weather shopping hoorayyyy.



They look a little green next to my super cobalt blue shirt, but I promise you they are blue. I tend to wear a lot of blue, and my adorable car Sophie (who is in desperate need of a bath) is also blue…hmmmmm. You’d think that’s my favorite color right? You’d be wrong.

I also managed to cross a couple gifts off my Christmas shopping list. So productive! Just…not for y’all.

In lieu of my intended post I will go ahead and answer the NaBloPoMo prompt: “Would you rather have one more hour with someone you like, or one fewer hour with someone you can’t stand?”

There are very few people that I truly can’t stand, and way more people that I wish I had more time with. I’m gonna go with one more hour with someone I like. I can easily grin and bear the time I’m forced to spend with someone I don’t like. Moments with people who are important to me are fewer and far more cherished. To have more time would be amaze.

Happy Thursday pretty people! The week’s almost over.



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