Just gettin’ mah pump on

Random gym story tiiiiime!

Yesterday was Tuesday, a.k.a. SHOULDER DAY. Probably my least favorite day…I have weak shoulders. I also have huge arms (hulk arms) and so I don’t particularly like getting them all pumped up.

Anywho, shoulder day consists of, well…shoulder presses. The accessory work is more shoulder press, and also some pull-ups (50 to be exact). Generally, I will cut the pull-ups with dips because I’m way better at them. Pull-ups are hard! (On a side-note I totally did 4 unassisted pull-ups in a row!! Holy PR day Batman) Dips, however, are super easy. Apparently this is fairly normal.

I like to set up my accessory work in supersets so it goes by quicker. I’ll do shoulder press/assisted pull-ups, rest, shoulder press/body-weight dips, rest, etc. til I end up with 5 supersets (3 sets pull-ups, 2 sets dips) then I like to toss an extra dip set in at the end all alone (forever aloooone).

After my first dip superset an older guy came up and asked to jump on the dip bars. “So how many do I have to get? 6?” …No sir, I actually did 10. “10? Phew…hope I don’t blow it.” It’s ok, just chalk it up to the fact that I’m lighter than you are (This was not a fat joke. He was a pretty decently built dude…of course he’s heavier than me). “How long did it take you to be able to do dips like that?” Uhmm…I was born this way? I dunno I’ve always been good at dips…

Hooray for making men uncomfortable and competitive at the gym! It made me smile so I thought I’d share it with you.  Also, I’ve been binge watching BroScienceLife today…freakin’ cracks me up.

Happy Hump day!!



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