A (knitting) year in revue…

So, it’s been a little while.

I struggled with coming back here and picking up where I left off after so much change in my life, especially to the core identity I was fostering in this blog. I thought about ditching it and thinking up a new blog and starting over. That sounded exhausting, and there were some good stories in here I couldn’t bring myself to part from. So here I am…timidly poking my head out of the sand for a round two…

A lot of the past couple (many) months have been spent obsessively reading archived Yarn Harlot posts (and books) and cracking up. This has lit a fire under my yarny pursuits, and eventually left me wanting to come back to my little corner of the blog-world to talk about all of it. Family and friends are getting bored with my incessant pattern and yarn obsessing, so here I am.

I thought I’d rekindle my blog with a parade of 2015 FOs:


Arabella Shawl – in which I failed miserably at documenting any progress or capturing the final money-shot (my project page here)…

Arabella Shawl

Baby Charlotte’s welcome gift:


Striped Chevron Baby Blanket

Jaden Baby Bootees

Baby Strap Flip Flops

Very Overdue Socks – yet another missed money-shot (my project page here):


Cavalcade Socks


A Man Hat…the knitting is complete but the project is not (my project page here):

Buckingham Hat


My first “By Request” with some gratuitous sewing thrown in:


“Noah” Baby Blanket

A Secret Santa Gift:


Spate Mittens


(The non-knitted, but still handmade, portion of my SSGift)

My First Real Lace:



And finally, a poor second attempt at socks:


Pixel Stitch Socks

Here is one that I had hoped to squeak out by midnight on the 31st (it is much further along than the picture suggests) alas, it didn’t make it into 2015:



Clearly my knitting completion year was a little heavily skewed toward December. These are finish dates though…not start dates – which are even more interesting (and slightly more embarrassing). This is, by no means, a list of all of the projects I worked on in 2015, which is a much much longer list I assure you.

My goal is creating more “finished” and polished looking projects in 2016 (the man hat still requires a lining as part of this reach toward polished items). A little more care and attention is given to each cast off and weave-in and it makes me that much happier with the end result.

What are your goals for 2016?

I will leave you with gratuitous shots of my favorite and most satisfying DIY project to-date (another December project…surprise) and my fur baby:



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