Here Goes Nothing…

A blogger I’ve been consuming lately (Baby Cocktails) is hosting a KAL this month using one of her patterns. Any one of them, actually. Her designs are lovely, which is why I follow her blog. To be honest, I don’t hate the drink recipes either.

This KAL is very relaxed, just pick a pattern and post pictures in the Rav Group. Pretty simple. Which means I had to make it extra challenging, of course.

I chose a pullover.

Let’s be clear here, I’ve never knit (knitted?) a sweater before. I started working on WAK’s Cranberry Sweater but, as that is basically a large box, I hardly think that counts.


It’s a pretty box though…

I haven’t even finished the pieces yet. No shaping, sewing up, setting sleeves vs. raglan sleeves, top down vs. bottom up, nothing. Ever.

Perfect, bring it on.

I went with the Narragansett pullover, and set about searching for yarn to accompany this pattern. I already feel out of my depth.


No pressure…

After some intense searching messaged a Rav user for some gorgeous Rios Malabrigo in Plomo:


Yes. So yummy.

It’s been five full minutes and I haven’t heard back yet. I’ve lost all hope of getting a response.

In the meantime, I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of some new yarn that should be arriving very soon, and avoiding eye contact with my mom’s cowl that still needs to be finished. Priorities, amiright? It’s not like there are five other projects that need to be completed *cough-started-cough* between now and March. I have plenty of time to knit a sweater in January.




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