The giving season is interminable…

For most of you happy folks the New Year marks the end of the giving season (give or take a week). All of the presents have been agonized over, bought / made, wrapped, shipped out and opened.

Good for you.

For me, however, Christmas merely marks the halfway point. A vast majority of my immediate family (all but one guys…all but one) have birthdays in February and March.

This past Christmas I decided to do a good number of knit gifts for the first time (like 3). It’s the first time I’ve experienced this post-Christmas void left by finishing a bunch (again like…3) of projects rapidly and having a distinct malaise left in regards to any projects currently lurking on my needles in a closet somewhere (I’m looking at you cranberry sweater). This is coupled with a sharp disinclination to start any project out of “need”, i.e.: one that I’ve promised someone else, and am now in no mood to be charitable.

I’ve, rather unfortunately (not really guys! <3), planned and promised a few knitted items for my immediate family’s birthdays. Long over-due projects whose hard due dates are rapidly approaching. I am filled with distaste for them all.

So, instead, I cast on socks for myself.


ohhhh yes, that’s much better

Every row is therapy and anxiety intertwined. I can’t wait for the royal blues to come up in the color sequence. It is so very amusing. Also, this needle-yarn combo is atrocious for flicking (it’s suuuuper sticky), but it’s giving me a chance to practice lever-knitting. I’m not mad at it, but it is making things go much slower.

Maybe once I get that heel turned I can finally move on to some of my pending projects…or maybe I’ll just do one more row.


(Update: I went all the way to the toe…the other projects are not getting any doner…or more begun for that matter.)


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