Why didn’t I think of that?

You guys…

I went to San Francisco this past weekend and it was a whole lotta fun I must say. I have been super lazy and procrastinating taking the photos off my camera so for now let’s just settle with a: I had a great time and I’ll tell you all about it next week.

In the meantime I have a little something to get off my chest. I wrote this whole post like two weeks ago about a project a dear friend of mine asked me to do for her. She’s adding her first baby boy to her adorable hoard of curlies and asked me to make the little prince a baby blanket. I mean, obviously yes and squee.

We pinned some baby blankets to settle on a design and color scheme which at first quite stumped me. She kept posting these monochrome, modern, geometric motifs and the favorite by far was triangles. Lots of black and white (and gold) triangles.



Having knit for quite some time I realized right away that those sharp triangles would not come out quite so sharp in stockinette.

I hemmed and hawed and couldn’t quite reason myself into a decent design…which I clearly didn’t think through hard enough…and decided that knitting just would not do. I know! I’ll try that Tunisian Crochet thing I keep hearing about. It looks fun and the triangles look very modern.


totally modern

Having come to a reasonable conclusion I pat myself on the back, ordered my new set of hooks (because obviously) and all the yarn and sat to wait for everything to arrive on my doorstep. I was so very excited. I get to start a new project, I get to learn a new craft, I get to wave my hands around in a slightly different way before poofing a blanket. Life is pretty good.

The hooks got here first so I promptly whipped out some stash yarn and got to work perfecting my technique. I won’t even show you a picture because it looks like the above in pink. Lots of pink.

I worked for days, waiting patiently til my yarn came in, with an ever increasing sense of impending doom.

Let me level with you here guys. I hated every minute.

Ok, maybe that’s a teensy bit dramatic. I….didn’t really enjoy every minute of it. Chaining up my foundation row was alright, I mean, it’s crochet. And that first magical back and forth row were pretty neat. Then my hand started cramping, and I started imagining holding onto 100 loops rather than just the 25 that were on my hook and my bubble started thinning.

The real clincher (popper?) arrived in the mail with the yarn. I don’t even have a pattern. I have to design the triangles with math (ugh). Then I have to figure out how to neatly switch colors to minimize gaping holes at the color change (so many color changes). All while doing something that actively makes my hand cramp, and isn’t doing a whole lot to satisfy whatever that corner there is inside me that acts like the cat that got the cream when I’m knitting.

Enter ravelry.


You hear that? That’s the sound of hope.

Although I just realized…literally as I was looking at the picture to put it in this post…that I will have to make straight up triangles instead of squares, because patterns and math and stuff.

But still.

Garter stitch with increases…it’s so simple. I’m such a fool. I’ll never leave you again needles. You are still the answer to all of my questions.

I have yet to get started in earnest…I have til May tho. I’m not panicked yet. Procrastination for the win.


PS. I’m totally knitting things, I’m just being very bad at documenting them right now. Maybe some pictures next week to go along with the SF pictures.


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