The places we’ll go…

This year has been deemed the year of travel. I’m a little stoked.

Every month we are trying to plan a little getaway to somewhere new. Most of the upcoming trips are just long weekends for no other reason than to get out of the house and travel a little.

January’s trip was two weekends ago to San Francisco. Holy cow it was awesome. I’m not sure how best to go about explaining so I’ll throw a bunch of photos in:

There we go.    So. Much. Stuff.    And a huge picture of yarn at the top which, I assure you, was completely unplanned but so awesome I kept it.

Lemme esplain. No, there’s too much. Lemme sum up.

We left Thursday night for a 3 day vacation and arrived very late in SF, which was very VERY late in the Houston time we were still on. After a full day of work, and a week of working 10’s so I didn’t have to take a vacation day, this was pure torture let me tell you.

At least I had my sock…which I failed to take a picture of (wah wah). All the way finished until the toe graft where I realized I had no needle to graft with and didn’t bring the second set of yarn balls for the second sock. It’s still sitting on my couch that way, done but the grafting. I should probably just put it out of its misery already, poor sock.

Day 1 was all about the obligatory tourism, this being my first time in San Francisco. We took a trolley (hah never knew there was an “e” in trolley…the more you know) down to Fisherman’s Wharf – or, that was the plan anyways. See the trolley in the middle picture? That was it!

Trolley is flying along…really, not really…and I’m trying to muster the gumption to go stand on the side of it and hold on for dear life. Which, let me tell you, looks like all of the fun that I’m not having currently squished in between two large, fragrant dudes. You may be thinking “Sarah, it’s not scary just stand up and get on out there” and you are totally right. Except, I can be polite to a fault (I really didn’t want to push the people that crammed in after us out of the way just for my childish whimsy) AND most importantly I had a big ol’ pink tutu on. I kept imagining it getting caught on a car mirror (how?) and ripping my whole skirt off. The Show’s free San Francisco, I’ll be here all weekend!


Anywho, we stop (in the middle of the road…why is that legal?) at the top of THE Street (Lombard Street). I literally referred to this street as THE Street in my head until about two minutes ago because I never actually caught or knew the name of the street (thanks Google!). I wasn’t aware of it’s significance at all until we stopped and I was told to gaze out upon it. As you can imagine I couldn’t really see much in the middle of the road looking out at a sharply declining hill.

So…I got off.

You want me to see the street, buddy, we’re gonna see the street. With our shoes. That’s right, we walked down the pedestrian side of the street watching the cars make the slowest turns ever. Then I got to turn around and take this beauty of a shot:


Don’t judge me. It was literally misting all over my phone. Pretty school street. Worth the effort in my humble opinion. Glad I had someone who knew what he was talking about with me to make me see all the things.

Then we put our walking shoes on and set off in search of a bathroom…I mean, the Wharf.

I managed to find the Hawaiian (what?) tourist trap along the wharf and get pulled into buying THE CUTEST little pair of hibiscus earrings and immediately put one on (that’s why there’s a picture of my ear. sorry, not sorry). I say pulled, but I was doing the pulling. Determined to find something to buy. Nailed it.

We wandered around Ghiradelli square and bought some chocolate and souvenirs. I actually had a large blonde moment here. I was all excited to get some truffles for my sister and stepmom cuz they love the truffles. I get there and look around for the gold boxes but all the packaging looks wrong and they’re all squares of chocolate, not a truffle to be found. It takes ten minutes (I’m not even exaggerating here) of walking through the shops in utter confusion looking for my truffles before I realize I’m an idiot. Godiva. I was looking for Godiva chocolates at Ghiradelli Square. Doh. I still got some dope chocolate though.

I got the required cup of clam chowder (sans bread bowl) but was a little leery of the whole…seafood chowder thing. Yes, it was my first time trying it. Something about seafood in a soup that looks like gravy gives me the willies…I don’t have a good reason for it, it just does. It was pretty good though. As was the half crab I got along with it for good measure. Winning.

We found this awesome arcade collection…museum…thing? with tons of old arcade games to play for a quarter or so. There were a startling number of really dark…games? with sunny names like “French Execution”, “Madame Guillotine”, and “Opium Den” which were automated dioramas of people getting their heads chopped off and bizarre nightmare-like scenes. Weird. And we got our fortune told of course.

We walked around a bit more, tried (and failed) to ferry out to Alcatraz, wandered down to and around Chinatown, and then headed out for an early dinner. It just so happened (on purpose) that our vacation marked the beginning of Restaurant Week! So we had a pretty snazzy 4 course meal with cocktail pairings on the cheap. It was also beer week, but we didn’t manage to celebrate that one at all.

We capped off the evening with some fruity drinks at the Tonga Room.


Obligatory drink shot…

This place was awesome and obviously all tourist, which I’m totally fine with. There was a huge pool in the middle of the room with a floating stage on it. In it was a live band. Playing on the water. Floating the open pool.  It kind of had the shticky feel of the Rainforest Cafe, but with tiki torches, pirate decks, and island drinks. I heartily enjoyed myself, I must say.

This post is really turning into a novel, I guess I ended up ‘splainin more than summing up. Oops. I’m just gonna go ahead and put a big ol’

To Be Continued….

right there like that and pick this up a little later. I don’t wanna sell you short on Day 2, it’s a fun one.

Stay tuned for part 2! I mean, if you want I guess…





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