The places we’ll go (pt.2)

I guess I need to finish off this post since y’all have all been clamoring for it. And by y’all I of course mean the readers I imagine in my head loudly clamoring for part two. I should have written it as soon as I was done with part 1, but I’m dumb so here we are.

Let’s see…where were we? Day 2!

If day 1 was all about the obligatory tourism, day 2 was all about fun. Mostly my fun, but some general fun was had as well.

Let me outline (aka. explain in great detail) The Plan for day 2.

I asked a friend of mine, who now lives in San Francisco, what I should do for my first time visiting. Where are the cool eats and what are the exciting fun ways to see the city?

My favorite suggestion by far (I mean they were all awesome but just wait…) was to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. This hits all of the right squee buttons for me. Exercise, fresh air, bridges (I really like them…I’m not sure why), biking, challenges. It’s a solid idea. I promptly hop on Google Maps to plan out my attack for day 2.

Now, this is right where I had a large-ish blonde moment that I didn’t even realize until well into Day 1. I was so confused for such a long time.

I type in San Francisco to google maps and watch it zoom in on this mysterious city I’ve never really given a thorough once over. I see a bridge off to the West (what I now know is the actually the Bay Bridge), I think ok cool so there’s the bridge.

It never even crossed my mind how ridiculously long that bridge looks for a small, gentle biking excursion.

I do a quick yarn shop search because that is the other thing I want to do on this day and OMG right there on the other side of the (wrong) bridge is none other than A Verb for Keeping Warm.

Quick break here.

I’m from Texas if you don’t know, been here all my life. If I’ve heard of a yarn store all the way across the country from me I feel that this is a slightly big deal. These aren’t chain restaurants you know. They’re homegrown, local small businesses and I had actually heard of A Verb for Keeping Warm long before I planned this trip. When I saw it there on The Googles I was ecstatic. “That seals it then,” I think “bike across the bridge (hah) and zoom on into yarn town. Perfect day.”


MS Paint artiste

I also wanted to squeeze in a quick visit with my friend with the brilliant ideas, and we’ve got to do another fun dinner on our last night here. So we’ll bike out in the morning, visit the yarn store, take a ferry back, grab lunch with Lacey, take a nap and get all gussied up for dinner. Perfection.

As you can imagine, that’s not quite how things worked out…

Let’s move forward to Day 1, solidifying plans for Day 2. I should have noticed something was wrong when I was telling my friend The Plan.

“So we’re going to bike across the bridge and keep going into Oakland (hah!) visit my yarn store, and then we’ll be back in time for lunch..”

uh….Oakland? That’s pretty far away for a bike ride…I’m not sure you’ll make it in time…

“It’ll be fine, we’ll make it; let’s just meet at noon for lunch!” My optimism can’t be diminished.

Until I do a search for a rental company to get our bike from…

The map zooms into the most highly rated rental place and, wait, that’s way North-East of where I thought it was..


…that bridge?! I didn’t even see that bridge! But….my yarn!! /sob

Obviously, we had to come up with a new game plan.

Seeing that I was heartbroken over not getting to ogle and pet fuzzy yarn on vacation, Spy Guy valiantly suggested a cab ride to Oakland early in the morning (swoon). I just so happened to have pinned a breakfast place in Oakland as well that has been there for decades and was a “Must Try” spot.

We head over around 830 and grab breakfast, which was pretty good. SG’s croque monsieur soundly thumped my bacony Benedict (note to self: always get regular benedict when trying a new place). Breakfast was over long before the yarn store opened (lazy yarn stores taking their time to open and what not) so we grabbed a cup of coffee around the corner and played some Rummikub.

Finally, it was time. The moment was here. Oh sweet baby jesus the yarn!


Pretty Fuzzies

I snatched up about 5 skeins of that beautiful rosey gold color on top for an awesome, no-pressure (hah!), lace wedding shawl. I also absconded with a skein of sock yarn each for moi and SG (I tried to get him to pick it out…I ended up picking for him).

Next on the agenda was lunch back in the mission district with my friend. We had a good time catching up and she got me in touch with some people back home to hang out with (oh dear lord I need to message her back!).

From there we headed over to the (actual) Golden Gate Bridge to rent a bike and start our journey. After mentally preparing myself for the Bay Bridge, I was pretty confident about biking the Golden Gate. I mean…it’s less than 10 miles how hard could it be? It’s just biking. Uphill. Against the wind. On a mountain bike. Completely out of any sort of physical shape.


Aw so cute!

Those smiles are covering up the fact that we finished the first “hill” just to get to the bridge, and I was already dying. I had to get off that bike. Photo time! Gasping for breath and dying on the sidewalk time!

We did make it across…and back…in one piece tho. The whole way across the bridge we encountered a stiff headwind, thanks San Fran! But that meant we got a super boost on the way back. We even saw a cruise liner coming in towards the bridge. He wanted to stop but I literally could not breathe with all the wind trying to force it’s way into my lungs. Does that even make sense? Too much air. Can’t. Breathe.


Here’s another one halfway across the bridge…for posterity. We totally did the thing.

Unfortunately all the good views of the city were on the pedestrian side of the bridge. We got a lovely view of that foggy hill thing off to the right…and the ocean. It’s cool, it was too windy for pictures anyways.

And thus ends my photography for this trip. We went back to the hotel and completely crashed for a little bit before putting on some fancy (ish) duds and heading out for a wine-paired, restaurant week meal.

We got back at a respectable 9pm and promptly passed out. Clearly not cut out for that party life…so sad.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell…I apologize for the ridiculous month in between posts. It has been an intense few weeks. Layoffs, shortened hours, Cabo San Lucas, planning and throwing surprise birthday parties…and tomorrow I’m leaving for some slope time in Colorado. It made me tired just reading that list. Alas, there is no rest for the wicked. I have to get my butt in gear.

I’ll have a Finished Objects post for you next time (I hope). Lot’s of projects need some final touches and snazzy photo shoots. Others, well..others need to actually jump on my needles and start knitting themselves already, I mean really.

Til next time loves.. 🙂




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